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Suzhou Rustop Protcetive Packaging Co., Ltd.

Oct 17, 2016

As China's first engaged in VCI (Volatile Corrosion inhibitor) research and development and related products, production, sales and technical services professional enterprise, Suzhou Rustoper Protective Packaging company is always intentness, Adhering to the professional spirit, Focus on antirust. concentration to achieve professional.

Relying on technical exchange and cooperation with various well-known international enterprise and domestic scientific research institutes in the field of VCI protection, We are committed to popularize and promote the antirust and anti corrosion idea of “environment-friendly, convenience, economy and high efficiency SRPP has been established a mutual benefit relationship with over 832 companies all over the world(till 31 Sep 2016), those companies field not limited to: auto spare parts, electromechanic, machinery, metal material, aviation manufacture , molding and cutlery products, powder metallurgy, sophisticated equipments etc, SRPP provide high quality products at low price and best service to meet the needs of various personalized antirust designs for the products from different customers. Getting rid of rust and corrosion stains forever.

At the beginning of 2016, SRPP invested one million five hundred thousand RMB to construct a new production plant (GPP) in north Jiangsu. Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, With firm strides we are crossing its summit, Standing on new point.. Future SRPP will be fully committed to the achieve company’s excellence vision

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