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As one of the professional enterprises engaged in the R&D, production, sales, technical service of VCI(volatile corrosion inhibitor) and related products in China, Suzhou Rustoper Protective Packaging company is always intentness, Adhering to the professional spirit, Focus on antirust. concentration to achieve professional.

Relying on technical exchange and cooperation with various well-known international enterprise and domestic scientific research institutes in the field of VCI protection, We are committed to popularize and promote the antirust and anti corrosion idea of “environment-friendly, convenience, economy and high efficiency SRPP has been established a mutual benefit relationship with over 832 companies all over the world(till 31 Sep 2016), those companies field not limited to: auto spare parts, electromechanic, machinery, metal material, aviation manufacture , molding and cutlery products, powder metallurgy, sophisticated equipments etc, SRPP provide high quality products at low price and best service to meet the needs of various personalized antirust designs for the products from different customers. Getting rid of rust and corrosion stains forever.

At the beginning of 2016, SRPP invested one million five hundred thousand RMB to construct a new production plant (GPP) in north Jiangsu. Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, With firm strides we are crossing its summit, Standing on new point.. Future SRPP will be fully committed to the achieve company’s excellence vision

SRPP is:
Qualified with ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification;

Qualified with ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certification;

A member enterprise of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection

A member enterprise of Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection;

A member enterprise of Alibaba Trustpass

A member enterprise of Alibaba Trustpass;

Qualified with SGS International Certification

Qualified with SGS International Certification.

Council Members of China Surface Engineering Association

Council Members of China Surface Engineering Association.


The company's brand design is shown above, which is composed of Chinese and English characters and patterns. English RUSTOPER respectively by rust the last two letters and STOPER the before two letters (st) overlay thumbnail combination of words, implied meaning means corresponding as Chinese meaning "rusty terminator". In the production and management level, it clarified the function and purpose of the company's products, its for prohibiting and resolving rust corrosion problems. meantime, the brand highly condensed the pursuit

Brand is highly concentrated by the pursuit of growth aim and established the grand mission, that is to be corroded the terminator, getting rid of rust and corrosion stains forever.

Brand in English and Chinese meaning is consistent, also highly associated with company's main business , the text is divided into two lines of correspondence. Black Arial and official script were selected, and blend with surrounding rectangular frame into harmonious one. make the whole brand pattern atmosphere, steady, thick, and heavy, meaning companies and products worthy trust, reveals the company's development step by step, stable forwarding and far beyond.

Core value

In pursuit of professional, mastery for company, Reach to kindness and Reality for world.

Operation Philosophy

In pursuit of professional, mastery for company, Reach to kindness and Reality for world.

Company Mission
  • Provide quality product for client
  • Create better life for employee
  • Achieve invest value for stockholder
  • Push prosperous progress For society
Core value
  • Be the China's most professional, the most competitive VCI gas phase antirust products manufacturer and sales service provider
  • To create a world famous brand in China.
International Market

SRPP layout, strengthen enterprise development and market open global tour in 2008. Today, after years of hard efforts, Rustoper ® (rust terminator) series products have been successfully exported to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Germany, France, Argentina, Iran and the united Arab emirates (uae), Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, China Taiwan, over 20 countries and regions, well received by users. International cooperation pattern preliminary established

Domestic Market

SRPP establishment since 2006, we have to more than 800 private companies and foreign companies have established business relations of cooperation, customers in all except Taiwan province of China. Rustoper (rust terminator) series of products with excellent quality favored by the market, become rustproof packaging industry leading brand in China.

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