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Derusting and Antirust Agent SUMMARY:

VCI derusting and antirust liquid is a kind rust remover, antirust and also can form polymer as paint like with the high performance product structure products. only need coating, spray simple way instead of previous tedious process of derusting and antirust. The product is used for various corrosive metals such as iron and steel surface, can quickly remove corrosion. At the same time to convert it into a layer with anti erosion performance of metal protective film, so as to achieve excellent derusting and antirust effect. Since this products come to market. It has been widely used in the field of mechanical processing, building engineering, indoor and outdoor painting, shipbuilding and other fields and the vast number of families. We demonstrate through user investigation and multiple comparison experiments, high performance rust antirust agent with its excellent, has shown a strong market competitiveness.

Application field

Widely used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor steel surface coating pretreatment. Metal products, tooling, all kinds of stamping parts cleaning. Bridge pipeline maintenance; construction project. Automobile and motorcycle parts and various electrical and mechanical equipment; shipbuilding; machinery manufacturing. Iron and steel parts storage and other fields. For copper, aluminum alloy material is also applicable, industrial, household too.

Antirust period 180 days(25℃,RH≤60%)

Custody and Storage

Seal the products and store them in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and direct contact with fire and corrosive substances. The warranty period of the product is 36 months since the date of delivery.

ITEM (please click the below code or Interpretation, to get more detailed information)

Code Interpretation Metal application
Rus-cle904 Spray Type Generally applicable to multi-metals
SRLC-01 Drum Type Generally applicable to multi-metals
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