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Application Methods

Whatever vci products you take from Rustoper. Kindly obey to below ways:


Please make sure the products, Clean and dry, which are need to be protected. Its means you have to do necessary and effective pre treatment on surface of products before using RUSTOPER®VCIrus®VCI.


If because limit of technology or special technology requirements. The products can not get Clean and dry level after pre treatment. That shall be confirm there is not any S CL or other potential corrosive cause substance. Or will be counteract the vci antirust performance partially. The effectiveness of antirust maybe not reached as expected.


Whatever conditions .It’s need to wear clean gloves before using vci products. It’s forbidden to touch or stroke metal surface by naked hands.


If the protected products with sharp cutting edge and Acute angle, or there is possibility of Displacement sliding of packed products during transportation. We would highly suggest adopt relevant fix and buffering Stab resistant methods. To protect package. Which lead to vci volatilize in large scale. Also the risk of failure of antirust.


Whatever vci products used. Its shall be make sure that vci containing quantity can reach the protective film formed consumption requirement. Which is mainly depend on products material, surface size of products, vci corrosion inhibition efficiency, using and storage environment, the pack seal effect and so on, if vci contained amount less than consumption. It easy to cause” small horse draw big truck phenomenon. Not reach expected antirust effect. On the contrary, its will rise your cost, down your benefit. Please contact our representative. To help you get most professional, reliable and economic operation suggestion.


If the protective products stay in high temperature situation. please cool down it to normal temperature then use RUSTOPER®VCIrus®VCI products. Because over high temperature will accelerate vci volatilization, the antirust period will shorter. And maybe break vci carrier. produce extra vci consumption.

About different RUSTOPER® products detailed operation details. Kindly contact us representative for operation manual.

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