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1 The bag performs excellent gas phase and contact antirust function, with good antirust effects and high cost performance.

2 The bag is clean, harmless and non-toxic, so it is safe to environment. It passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.

3 The articles for antirust may be used immediately with no need to be degreased and cleaned. Therefore, the bag can save labor and time, improve work efficiency and save cost.

4 The bag is transparent and aesthetic, so the articles for antirust are visible dynamically and easy to be identified.

5 The bag is extensively applicable, and may be used for either single part or entire equipment.

6 The bag is good in printability, which is helpful to improving the image and the grade of the articles for antirust.

Application Method:

1 Clean and dry the surfaces of the articles for antirust before packing. Then pack and seal them at normal temperature and room temperature. In case of packaging with oil contained, it shall be confirmed there are no chemical components such as S and Cl. contained in oils. Otherwise the chemical components will have negative effects on VCI function.

2 Operate with clean gloves before packing, and do not contact the articles for antirust with naked hands.

3 In case the articles for antirust have projections and edge angles, be careful not to pierce the film during packing. In case of its unintended breakage, it shall be pasted and sealed with a industrial tape in time to ensure its seal.

4 During performing antirust packing operation, the working place shall be kept away from strong corrosive materials and acid-etching gases such as acid or alkali.



Single T/mm




Double, three sides seal




Customized, Specification, size may restricted by production facility. Details please contact our representative

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