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VCIrus-505T       VCI Dessicant       Drum-standard



1 The desiccant possesses water absorption capacity more than twice of that of the existing silica gel and also has the gas phase antirust function.

2 The desiccant is comprised of natural minerals and decomposable materials, so it is safe to environment.

3 There is no restriction to it in packaging positions, and therefore it is not harmful to non-metal materials such as plastic, rubber, etc.

4 The desiccant passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.

Applicable Metals:

The VCI desiccant is applicable to ferrous metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, plated metal, zinc and its alloy, chrome and its alloy, cadmium and its alloy, nickel and its alloy, tin and its alloy, aluminum and its alloy, and other metal materials and their products.

Application Method:

1 Clean and dry the surfaces of the articles for antirust, without residual fragments, dirty marks and other filth left on them.

2 Place certain amount of the desiccant into a packaging unit (such as carton, plastic bag and other containers), then seal it.

3 In order to achieve balanced and overall antirust effects, the desiccant shall be placed within the distance (≤30cm) where VCI is valid, and no barriers exist between the desiccant and the articles for antirust.

4 Generally, the normal consumption is 250g, which will be increased or reduced according to packaging environment.



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Compound paper

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Cardboard drum

Non soluble



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